About the Committee

The Shelton Deer Committee was established by the Board of Aldermen on September 12, 2013, to "study the impacts of the deer population in Shelton with respect to tick-borne illness in humans and pets, deer/vehicle strikes, degradation of conservation and watershed lands, and damage to landscaping, and to make management recommendations in the form of a a report to the Board of Aldermen." The committee was created in response to a communication from the Shelton Conservation Commission in addition to comments from Shelton residents.

The Deer Committee includes farmers, environmental scientists, members of the Shelton Land Trust and Conservation Commission, a Master Gardener, and a medical professional. While there are hunters sitting on the Committee, the majority of members do not hunt. Members are:

Dan Beardley
William Dyer
Jeff Forte
Teresa Gallagher
Allison Menendez
Joe Palmucci
Darren Toth
Paul Uhrynowski
Brad Wells
Clerk: Kim Anglace

The Committee normally meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in City Hall room 104. All meetings are open to the public. The Deer Committee is expected to take one to two years to study the issues and compile a report with recommendations for the Board of Aldermen (BOA).  Whether any or all of these recommendations are actually implemented, including potential hunting in Shelton Open Space, will be determined by BOA at a public meeting.