Hunting Locations

The State DEEP regulates hunting in Connecticut (click for more info). Shelton is located in Zone 11, which has looser restrictions than other parts of the state due to the high deer population. No hunting is allowed on Sundays.

Lands Open to Hunting in Shelton: 
  • Aquarion Watershed Lands (aka Centennial Watershed State Forest):  Two areas were opened up to bowhunting beginning in 2013.  This includes 218 acres around Isinglass Reservoir (Aquarion refers to this as Far Mill Reservoir) and 189 acres around Means Brook Reservoir.  Special permits must be obtained from Aquarion
  • Private Property: Most property in Shelton is privately owned. Written permission from the property owner must be carried while hunting, and there are state restrictions pertaining to firearms and distances from dwellings and property lines. These restrictions do not pertain to bowhunting. Baiting (the use of feed and/or salt licks to attract deer) is allowed in Fairfield County on private property. Some Shelton farms allow hunting on their properties by special arrangement in order to reduce crop damage. Some towns have programs to match willing property owners with hunters, which is something the Shelton Deer Committee will be looking into. 
Properties where Hunting is Prohibited: 
  • Shelton Open Space (~2000 acres). Hunting is currently prohibited by Shelton ordinance. 
  • Shelton Land Trust (~370 acres)  The Land Trust is a private organization which owns about 365 acres in Shelton. These lands are normally closed to hunting.
  • Indian Well State Park (157 acres)  Hunting is usually (but not always) prohibited in State Parks.